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Frage: Wo finde ich Artikel über ASP in der Microsoft Knowledge Base?
Microsoft hat unter der Adresse http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;Q259383
eine Liste mit Artikeln zu ASP zur Verfügung gestellt. Der einzigste Schönheitsfehler ist, dass
die einzelnen Artikel nicht verlinkt wurden. Daher haben wir uns die Mühe gemacht, und den
Index mit Links versehen, so dass Sie nicht erst manuell die URL ermitteln müssen.

Q159402 - HOWTO: How to Use Response.Redirect in a Server Script
Q159977 - HOWTO: How to Stop Users from Displaying a Frame Outside Its Frameset
Q163009 - DOC: Values for Scripting Object Constants Defined
Q163010 - HOWTO: Disabling Cookies Sent by Active Server Pages
Q163499 - HOWTO: Creating a Dynamically Growing Form Using ASP
Q163501 - FIX: INVALID APPLICATION NAME Error in Active Server Pages
Q164495 - FIX: GPF on Session Expiration Using Active Server Pages
Q165156 - HOWTO: Determining How to Define a Stored Procedure in ASP
Q165293 - HOWTO: Declaring an Array at Application Level Scope
Q166029 - PRB: Cannot Open File Unknown Using Access
Q165671 - HOWTO: Using ASP/ADO to Query an ODBC Datasource (SELECT)
Q165862 - PRB: document.lastModified Property Is Unreadable With ASP
Q168425 - PRB: Credentials Lost Inside Single-Threaded ASP Components
Q170012 - BUG: ASP Error 0115 When Connecting to Sybase/Oracle Database
Q172024 - INFO: Server Side Include Directives Not Processed by ASP
Q170985 - FIX: ASP Incorrectly Delivers SSL Data in 32K Segments
Q172864 - BUG: ASP Pages Fail on Access to Session and Application Objects
Q172927 - INFO: Programmer's Guide to Using ADO in Active Server Pages
Q172954 - FIX: Access Denied Msg. Returned When You Access ASP Files
Q173307 - PRB: Nested Virtual Roots Can Lose Session State
Q173308 - HOWTO: Displaying Images Stored in a BLOB Field
Q173317 - INFO: ASP's Request.Form and Request.QueryString Return Objects
Q173742 - FIX: Global.asa Not Executed If Restricting Web Access
Q174640 - PRB: ASP: "The Query is Not Updateable..." Error When Updating
Q175166 - PRB: Cannot Launch Out of Process Components Under IIS 3
Q175167 - HOWTO: Persisting Values Without Sessions
Q175168 - PRB: ASP Returns 'Operation Must Use an Updateable Query' Error
Q175426 - HOWTO: Populating a Combobox from Active Server Pages
Q175261 - HOWTO: Retrieving Bitmap from Access and Displaying in Web Page
Q175318 - FIX: IE Error When Posting to an ASP that Initiates Redirect
Q175671 - PRB: 80004005 ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()) Error Accessing SQL
Q176377 - INFO: Accessing SQL Server With Integrated Security from ASP
Q176378 - HOWTO: SQL Server with Integrated Security, IIS on Same Machine
Q176379 - IIS and SQL Server on Separate Machines with Trusted Connection
Q176380 - HOWTO: Using ASP With a SQL Trusted Connection With Guest Account
Q177036 - FIX: 0115 Error Occurs With the Session Object Under IIS 3
Q182891 - INFO: Session ID Does Not Persist in Active Server Pages
Q182890 - PRB: Problems Using ASP Intrinsic Objects in Java Components
Q184291 - PRB: COM Objects Fail to Print When Called From ASP
Q184574 - INFO: ASP Requires Session State to Maintain Static Cookies
Q184682 - PRB: Cannot Launch Out of Process Component Under IIS 4
Q188713 - HOWTO: Change Information in a Database from ASP
Q188716 - PRB: Implements Keyword Fails in Visual Basic DLL Called from ASP
Q188717 - PRB: Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER") Returns Empty String
Q189198 - HOWTO: Use ASP to Query and Display Database Data in Excel
Q189408 - FIX: ASP Fails to Access Network Files Under IIS 4.0
Q190742 - HOWTO: Insert Into SQL with Embedded Single Quotes from ASP
Q192144 - HOWTO: Dynamically Include Files in Active Server Pages
Q192754 - HOWTO: Debug InProc COM Components Inside IIS Using WINDBG
Q194190 - PRB: ASP 0115 a Trappable Error Has Occurred
Q193230 - PRB: Server.CreateObject Fails When Object Is Behind Firewall
Q194801 - PRB: ASP Returns VBScript Runtime Error '800a01ad'
Q195957 - PRB: Instantiating Object in .exe Starts Another .exe Instance
Q197956 - PRB: Passing Parameters by Reference to a VB COM Object
Q197957 - PRB: Passing Parameters By Reference to a VC COM Object
Q197964 - FIX: Cannot Access Remote Files With the FileSystemObject
Q198432 - PRB: Server Object Error 'ASP 0178' Instantiating COM Object
Q198808 - HOWTO: Post a Dynamic String Array from the Client to an ASP
Q198943 - PRB: Sybase Query Returns ASP 0101: 80070057 "Unexpected Error"
Q200260 - PRB: Permission Denied Error When Trying to Recompile an ASP DLL
Q203573 - PRB: ASP/ADO Coding Error Produces ASP 0115 Error
Q208935 - Redirection Based on Accept-Language Using ASP
Q217111 - PRB: Calling getenv() in COM Objects Does Not Work Under Active Server Pages
Q217114 - HOWTO: Implement Array Arguments in Visual Basic COM Objects for Active Server Pages
Q218454 - HOWTO: Implement Array Arguments in Visual C++ COM Objects for Active Server Pages
Q219294 - How to Use the Server.Transfer Method
Q222487 - INFO: What's New in ASP With IIS 5.0
Q223334 - PRB: Access Denied Error When Calling LogonUser API
Q223406 - HOWTO: Create an Empty MTS Package to Add Components for ASP
Q224070 - Creating Custom ASP Error Pages
Q224364 - Creating a Directory Browsing Page Using ASP
Q224363 - Using the Server.Execute Method
Q224397 - PRB: 'Error Loading DLL' When Returning User Defined Data Type from VB COM Object
Q224422 - PRB: Returning a UDT from a VB COM Object Brings an Error
Q224424 - HOWTO: Implement Visual Basic COM Objects Returning Recordsets
Q224980 - Using Scriptlets as COM Components in ASP
Q225131 - HOWTO: Implement Visual C++ COM Objects Returning Recordsets
Q229919 - HOWTO: Retrieve a Recordset from Oracle Using ADO on ASP
Q229661 - HOWTO: Use Client-Side VBScript with Remote Scripting
Q229657 - PRB: ASP 0156: 80004005 Header Error
Q229672 - HOWTO: Create an Updateable Grid Using the Visual InterDev 6.0 Grid DTC
Q229690 - HOWTO: Set the ASP Locale ID Per the Browser's Language Settings
Q230149 - HOWTO: Access Session and Application Variables from Within a Visual Basic Component
Q233477 - PRB: Session.Timeout Has a Max of 24 Hours
Q236019 - PRB: ASP Application Using ADO With Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver Crashing IIS
Q238082 - PRB: Source and Description Blank When Using Err.Raise from MTS and ASP
Q236889 - BUG: JScript from ASP Page Sends Mixed-Case Boolean Values to Client
Q238274 - HOWTO: Obtain ObjectContext With ObjectControl Inside VB COM DLL From ASP and MTS
Q238583 - How to Tune the ASPProcessorThreadMax
Q241057 - PRB: Server Execution Failed When Calling MTS Component from ASP
Q240191 - HOWTO: Set Cookies Using ASP and Visual C++
Q239445 - HOWTO: Obtain ObjectContext With ObjectControl Inside Visual C++ COM DLL from ASP and MTS
Q241492 - HOWTO: Read Cookies Using ASP and Visual C++
Q244012 - INFO: Type Mismatch Errors When You Pass Parameters from ASP to a Visual Basic Component
Q244013 - PRB: Permission Denied Calling an MTS Component from ASP
Q245000 - PRB: Do Not Save ASP Files in UNICODE Format
Q244298 - PRB: User Requests to Active Server Pages Serialize from the Browser
Q244457 - HOWTO: Debug an MTS Visual Basic Component Running Under ASP
Q245198 - INFO: Response.Buffer Is ON by Default in Internet Information Services 5.0
Q244465 - HOWTO: Disable ASP Session State in Active Server Pages
Q244493 - PRB: Class Does Not Support Automation or Expected Interface
Q243603 - PRB: Calling Third-Party Component Fails from Active Server Pages
Q243543 - INFO: Do Not Store STA Objects in Session or Application
Q243667 - HOWTO: Create ATL COM Wrapper for ATL COM Component to Be Used With ASP
Q243544 - INFO: Component Threading Model Summary Under Active Server Page
Q243546 - PRB: ASP Does Not Support Events
Q243547 - PRB: ASP Does Not Provide Progress Notifications to Client Browsers
Q244807 - PRB: Object Required Error for ObjectContext Under Windows 2000 in Visual Basic IDE and Active Server Pages
Q243548 - INFO: Design Guidelines for VB Components Under ASP
Q244787 - BUG: Access Violation When Using FormatNumber VBScript Function in ASP
Q243815 - PRB: Storing STA COM Component in Session Locks to Single Thread
Q245564 - How to Determine If a Date Is in a Leap Year Using ASP
Q245566 - How to Create a Perpetual Calendar Using Active Server Pages
Q243828 - BUG: Session_OnEnd Changes Security Context of InProcess Component
Q243772 - PRB: ASP 800a005b Object Variable or With Block Variable Not Set
Q247420 - Query String in IIS Server.Execute Path Parameter Produces an Error
Q247745 - How to Display Random Images Using ASP
Q247968 - PRB: Connection to SQL Server from Session_OnEnd() Event May Fail
Q246453 - HOWTO: Search for Active Server Pages Knowledge Base Articles
Q246828 - PRB: Error Message: ASP 0221 Invalid @ Command Directive
Q248027 - How to Change Background Sounds Randomly Using ASP
Q248045 - How to Generate Scheduled Messages Using ASP
Q251215 - Error Message: Error 406, No Acceptable Objects Were Found
Q252985 - HOWTO: Prevent Cross-Site Scripting Security Issues
Q253119 - HOWTO: Review ASP Code for CSSI Vulnerability
Q253114 - Err Msg: SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT Using DEconnection in VB COM Object
Q253240 - PRB: Errors Not Returned When Stored Procedure Statement Fails
Q255769 - PRB: ASP 0197 When You Store STA or Both-Model Objects in Application
Q255887 - PRB: If You Store a JScript Array in Application Scope in Internet Information Services 5, Error ASP 0197 Results

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